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Workers' Comp and Personal Injury Attorney in Erie, PA

Injured on the job? Injured in a car accident at the fault of another? Injured because of another person’s negligence? Before you speak to the insurance company, you need to be represented by a personal injury and workers' compensation attorney. Attorney Joseph Vendetti is an experienced workers' comp and personal injury attorney in Erie, PA, representing those injured in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Attorney Vendetti will meet with you for free to discuss your car accident injury, work injury, or workers' compensation case. There is no fee, simply free legal advice about your case from an expert personal injury and workers' compensation attorney in Erie, PA. There is also no fee for Attorney Vendetti’s representation of you unless you receive money. Get started with your personal injury case today by contacting Attorney Joseph Vendetti in Erie, PA.


Why choose Attorney Joe Vendetti for Workers' Compensation or Auto Accidents?

Free Legal Advice
Free Legal Advice
Certified Workers’ Comp Attorney
Certified Workers’ Comp Attorney
Readily Available
Readily Available
Works With You, Not For You
Works With You, Not For You
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Anytime that I needed anything from Joe, he was right there by my side to help me and answer any questions that I had.
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